God Why (Charity single)

God Why (Charity single)
Duration: 4:00Year: 2017
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© 2016 3RD Season


 Verse 1:

What does it look like

To view me in my world through those glasses you wear

Damn it must be nice

To pull down those shades and forget about here


Verse 2:

What does it sound like

To hear nothing but smiles in your soundproof ears

What does sleep feel like

In your bulletproof conscience with nothing to care



Some will have

And Some go without

There’s always trash

After you take it out



Don’t ask God, Why?

‘Cause the devil says, Why not?


Verse 3:

What does fear look like

See the world around you

Change day by day

What does safe feel like

For me, it’s letting go

And on my knees to pray